Risk League Tip: Secret Weapon

One of the great tools at every players disposal is the secret weapon move. This move according to the rules:

Automatic 2 army victory allowed once per game. Must be declared without rolling. Good on offense only, and for one attack only. Can’t use twice with one army. Must have 2 armies to attack with to declare 2 army win.

With one fell swoop you can eliminate any two opposing armies when attacking, providing you haven’t rolled first, and providing you have two armies to attack with.

Many players go the entire game sand-bagging and never using this crucial move. While using this move later in the game can certainly get you out of a tight spot, it often comes down to you never using the move.

Many successful players use this move early on to gain momentum, and ensure they gain the army generation they need by controlling a continent or preventing the control of a continent by an opponent. Remember, mass army generation early on in the game is crucial to victory.

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