Game 4 Postmotem

The game stats are up, check them out at

Another battle to the death, and the finalists are decided.

David Bitner won another game for 4 total 1st place finishes.

Tom Stahl and Nick Wells battled it out between themselves, with Nick coming in 2nd place.

Herb played his battle of the season, splitting his first place victory with John Syracuse and edging him into the finalists.

John Stimson was knocked out of the championship table due to being unable to compete.

Aaron Smith was knocked out of contention by coming in 3rd place, and Jeff Corcoran was knocked out by coming in second, and Herb’s placement.

The championship table will consist of David Bitner, Tom Stahl, Nick Wells, and Herb DeLine – where the true champion will be decided.

Tentative championship game will be March 11, at Grace Bible Church. Watch for an update which will confirm this date.

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