Championship Post Mortem

Our league victors fought through 4 battles to arrive on the playing field to see who was truly the best of the best.

David, Herb, Tom, and Nick met on the battlefield, with the promise that ‘there can be only one’ champion.

Tom and Nick both being new to the current league fought hard to make their name this season.

David, a seasoned veteran locked his place in with 4 first place victories, and several kills.

Herb, a multi-championship winner was also no slouch.

David had strong footing right from the start holding Australia, however, his early show of strength made him a ready target, where he was attacked repeatedly by primarily Tom and also Nick, in some part due to having stretched himself very thin over Asia.

Seeing the opportunity, Herb pounced knocking David out.

Herb, unable to hold North America due to Nick’s strong hold in Central America played slowly, even forgoing attacking some turns, meaning he couldn’t take conquer cards.

With Herb holding back, the two newcomers to the table, Tom and Nick went on the offensive on each other, looking to eek out some solid gains. The blood bath wore them both down however, and after Tom taking out Nick, he then conceded to Herb, who though going slow and steady, having only occasionally having poked at Tom, had a very large showing in armies, making Tom unlikely to clench the victory.

This now makes Herb, our game host, a 4 time league champion.

Special thanks to our sponsor Crossroads Pizza for providing the delicacies that night.

We also are now announcing our next tournament, which will be a full day tournament on May 14th at Grace Bible Church. Games start at 10:30am, and will go well into the evening.  As always food, drinks and fun will be had.

THIS IS LIMITED SEATING! Once tickets are gone, there will be no additional open spots. Please stay tuned for the full, and official announcements, which will include special rules, cost, menu, and planned events for the day, as well as prizes.

It is better to live for one day as a tiger than to live for a thousand years as a sheep.” – Tibetan Proverb




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