Season X – Game 1 Standings

Be sure to check out the standings for week 1!

General Herb DeLine swept his table for a first place, with 3 kills. Adding in the 2 point bonus for winning the full day tournament that gives him an incredible 17 points for the season!

PK being an expert strategist finished with a first at his table, as well as a kill for a total of 13 points for the season.

David Bittner gave no mercy as he swept his table for 3 total kills and a first place win, giving him a whopping 15 points right out of the gate.

Tim Bax unleashed his wrath at his table, finishing with 2 kills and claiming first place. With his added bonus point from the full day tournament that gives him a total of 15 points this season.

Be prepared to meet once again on the battlefield November 18th! We will be once again using standard rules, having beef on weck sandwiches courtesy of our sponsor Carson’s Deli,¬†and enjoying “Lord of the Rings: Two Towers” as the game plays.

Standings 2017 – 2018 Season


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